Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services
Along with the dramatic changes brought about with the construction of new spaces at the
807 Camp Horne Road hospital, PVSEC is happy to announce the addition of a new service available to current patients of its surgery and neurology departments!

With the addition of two licensed physical therapists who are also CCRTs (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists), PVSEC will be able to offer:

In hospital therapy for:
*post-operative orthopedic cases
*post-operative neurology or non-surgical patients who are para/tetra-paretic/paralyzed

Evaluation of patients who will need continued physical rehabilitation (i.e. post-FHO, multi-trauma patients,  neurology patients)                


Client education on post-hospitalization rehabilitation therapy for orthopedic cases                                      

Rehabilitation therapy for cases referred from non-PVSEC veterinarians.


For your convenience, forms may be downloaded and completed in advance:

*Compliance with the Practice Act, requires that a PVSEC doctor be responsible for the case while physical therapy is in progress.