Lost / Found Animal

June 9, 2014 - 10:45am -- afurda

PVSEC frequently receives reports from Pet Owners or Good Samaritans regarding Missing or Located pets.
If you find yourself in one of these categories, please fill out/submit the following Lost/Found Pet form.

This page is best viewed/completed using Google Chrome internet browser.

PVSEC will also forward this informaion to veterinarians in the tri-state area.

Also remember:
-->Post information regarding the Lost/Found pet on
*craigslist.com (Lost/Found)

-->Call local shelters and veterinary offices in your area

-->Call the local dog warden and/or police department in your area

-->Post signs around your neighborhood

Date report submitted to www.pvs-ec.com
Date animal discovered missing or found
Was the animal lost or found?
Type of animal lost or found
Name of pet
Is the animal male or female?
Is the pet spayed/neutered?
Breed or Mixed breed
approximate age of animal
Approximate weight of animal
Predominant coloring of animal and/or any distinctive markings
Collar / tags present
Color of collar and any description of tags
Description or address where animal was lost or found
If you have any additional information about the pet/location please add it here:
Pet owner or finder name
Pet owner or finder address
Pet owner / finder contact phone number
Pet Owner / Finder Email Address