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Upcoming Events

OFA Eye Certification Registry Exams

Saturday, July 18, 2015 - 8:00am

Dr. Rachel Keller of the PVSEC Ophthalmology Department will conduct Saturday registry examinations for pure bred dogs.  To schedule an appointment, call the ophthalmology department at PVSEC. (412-366-3400)
Non-refundable pre-payment is now required when an appointment is scheduled.

What's Happening at PVSEC

PVSEC Anesthesiologist Dr. Dianna Ovbey Receives Langley Prize

March 17, 2015

Anesthesiologist Dr. Dianna Ovbey travelled to Spain to be presented with the Langley Prize on
March 13, 2015 for her paper on...

Dr. Todd Erfourth (PVSEC Oncology) Contributes Article to Pittsburgh PetConnections

December 15, 2014

Dr. Todd Erfourth of the PVSEC Oncology service recently contributed an article to the Pittsburgh Pet Connections magazine on osteosarcoma.  ...

Dr. Pardo is honored at the Humane Society's Best Friends Ball this weekend

October 13, 2014

Dr. Anthony Pardo, founding partner of PVSEC's Surgery Department and Western PA Humane Society board 
member was honored at this...